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Surveillance Video Shows Group Setting Construction Equipment On Fire


Police in Brookline are trying to track down the people who doused a Bobcat machine with gasoline then lit it on fire.

Brookline police say the incident happened late Tuesday night and say it is a clear act of arson.

In surveillance video police shared with the media, the group can be seen dousing the machine with gasoline, then the second it goes up in flames, all of them take off running.

“It is very concerning.. you see the people igniting the fire. It ignites very quickly,” said Brookline Police Lt. Philip Harrington.

After the group took off, someone walking down Pleasant Street saw the Bobcat smoldering and called 911. When investigators showed up, they found the gas can pictures in the surveillance video.

“A five gallon container that had a flammable liquid in it. That was the fuel that was first ignited,” said Harrington.

Brookline Fire Chief Keith Flaherty says this could have been a lot more dangerous.

“This could have turned very bad. The individuals could have been personally injured, the fire could have spread to the building or cars in the area,” said Flaherty.

That building is an elderly and disabled housing development run by the Brookline Housing Authority.

Police believe the suspects are around college age. Although they took off running, police did catch one of them on another surveillance camera. They are now asking everyone to take a good look and call them if you recognize the suspect.