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The Best Massachusetts Players In NCAA March Madness 2024


When March Madness rolls around, the spotlight often shines on stars from across the nation. Yet, the essence of this tournament lies not only in the celebrated performances but in the stories of players from every corner, including Massachusetts. This year, a handful of Massachusetts natives have stepped onto the NCAA stage, each carrying their unique narrative and contributions to their teams. Let’s take a closer look at these athletes and how they’re making an impact in the 2024 NCAA tournament.

TL;DR: Spotlight on Massachusetts’ NCAA Talent

  • Nick Timberlake (Kansas): From Braintree, MA, averaging 4.6 points in 14.4 minutes per game. Scored a season-high 18 points against Kansas State.
  • Alex Karaban (UConn): Northborough’s own, averaging 11.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game, shooting 50% from the field. UConn’s top scorer and rebounder.
  • Trevor Mullin (Yale): Freshman guard from Wellesley, MA, with a high school total of 2,000+ points. Playing limited minutes in his first year.
  • Jordan Clayton (Northwestern): Junior guard from Medford, MA, contributing 2.2 points per game across 25 games.
  • Cooper Wright (Colgate): Sophomore forward from Cambridge, MA, averaging 3.8 points and 2.1 rebounds per game.
  • Massachusetts Scoring Leaders: No Massachusetts natives among the top scorers. Alex Karaban leads with 11.6 ppg as the highest from Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Players to Watch

Nick Timberlake: The Braintree Guard Making Waves

Starting off, Nick Timberlake, a graduate transfer guard from Braintree, MA, has been catching eyes with his performances for the 4-seed Kansas Jayhawks. Averaging 4.6 points in 14.4 minutes per game, Timberlake’s role might seem modest at first glance. However, his season-high 18 points against Kansas State on March 5th hint at his potential to turn the tide in critical moments.

Alex Karaban: UConn’s Leading Light

Alex Karaban, a junior forward from Northborough, MA, stands out not just for his past but for his present contributions to the 1-seed Huskies. Having won the 2023 National Championship with UConn as a sophomore, Karaban brings both experience and skill to the floor. Averaging 11.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game while maintaining a 50% field goal percentage, he’s a beacon for aspiring athletes from Massachusetts. A key factor to look out for is his recovery from his sprained ankle, according to DraftKings Massachusetts.

Trevor Mullin: From Wellesley to Yale’s Court

Trevor Mullin’s journey from scoring 2,000+ points at St. Sebastian’s School in Wellesley, MA, to playing for the 13-seed Yale Bulldogs is a testament to his dedication and skill. Although his time on the court has been limited in his freshman year, Mullin’s high school achievements signal a promising future.

Jordan Clayton and Cooper Wright: Contributions Beyond the Scoreboard

Jordan Clayton, a junior guard from Medford, MA, and Cooper Wright, a sophomore forward from Cambridge, MA, might not be leading the scoring charts with 2.2 and 3.8 points per game for the Northwestern Wildcats and Colgate Raiders, respectively. However, their efforts and performances underscore the diverse roles players undertake to support their teams in the tournament.

Understanding the Context

Despite their varied contributions, no Massachusetts natives rank among the top scorers in this year’s NCAA tournament. The highest average, 11.6 points per game by Alex Karaban, illustrates the role of Massachusetts players as vital cogs in their teams rather than the main gears. Yet, as history shows, the tournament’s unpredictable nature means any player can step up and change the game.