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Officials Trying To Track Down Owner Of A Ball Python Found On Brookline Playground


Are you missing a pet snake?

Police in Brookline are turning to the public for help tracking down the owner of a reptile that was recently found slithering on a playground in the town.

The snake was found on the Lawton Playground. A woman said she was walking in the area when she saw the python curled up in a ball under a stone wall.

The reptile is being looked after at the Boston Animal Rescue League — it was doing well as of 5:00 p.m.

The woman who found the snake said it appeared to be more afraid of people than people were of it.

“It was not moving very much, it was pretty coiled up in the sun. We figured it was just trying to stay warm and probably was a little scared, assuming this was not its natural habitat,” she said. “It moved a couple of feet in the 45 minutes before they came.”

If you are missing your reptile friend or know the owner, please contact Brookline Animal Control by calling 617-730-2730, or by sending an e-mail to dcheung@brooklinema.gov, otherwise, the Animal Rescue League will put the snake up for adoption.