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Specialty Cheese Shop Curds & Co. Comes To Brookline Village


Curds & Co. is bringing delectable cheeses, jams and other treats to Brookline Village.

The specialty cheese shop opens this week on Washington Street in Brookline Village. Following a soft opening this week, Curds & Co. will have a grand opening September 6, 2017.

Following a career helping companies like Gillette tailor their products and services to their customers, Brookline resident Jenn Mason has decided to take her skills to a cheese shop that is all about the customers.

Though the shop will offer delicious specialty items like Beetroot Ketchup and Carrot Cake Jam, in addition to an array of cheeses, Curds & Co. is designed to welcome the everyday shopper rather than foodies.

“We want it to be the least intimidating cheese store ever,” Mason said.

The airy space provides room for customers to explore the shop as they read the handwritten info cards describing each item; a farm table at the back invites customers to sit, talk and, of course, taste testing is encouraged.

“You can read about things, you can do it on your time [and] of course we’re happy to help you,” said Mason.

Though the shop features an array of specialty items, every product, which Mason has personally sought out and selected, ties back to cheese. All the jams, jellies, chocolates and breads were chosen with cheese pairing in mind, keeping Curds & Co. true to its name – all about curds and cheese.

“We are not a specialty grocery store, we’re a cheese store,” said Mason.

Aside from the cheese, about 90 percent of the products sold at the shop comes directly from the source as opposed to third-party vendors. This requires additional work on the part of Mason, who has visited each farm and production site, but it ensures that everything sold at Curds & Co. has the personal endorsement of the team.

In addition to cheese and pairing items, the shop will also sell Clear Flour bread, cheese boards and other cheese-ware. Mason hopes to also sell fresh flowers and wine, pending a liquor license from the town.

Mason also plans to host specials like a daily cheese plate and cheese-oriented events geared towards girls night out and date nights. In addition, Curds & Co. will be launching its own app, Curd List, which will help customers track their favorite products and learn about new items and specials.

Keeping the focus on the customer experience, the Curds & Co. items will be automatically loaded to the app, but customers will be able to use the app at other stores.

“We’re excited to keep seeing what the customers want,” Mason said.

Mason has always known that she wanted to open her own business. With that dream coming to fruition, Mason has plans for what she jokingly referred to as a cheese empire – in two years she hopes to open another shop.

“There are definitely big things in the works but I wanted to start in Brookline,” said Mason. “This is my town.”

Though she has cheese-empire ambitions, Mason’s first priority is to help customers navigate the cheese world and find exactly what they are looking for whether it is something new to try, or a dazzling cheese plate to wow guests.

“That’s the ultimate goal, to make everyone walking out look and feel like a genius,” Mason said.

Opening this week, Curds & Co. will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.