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Is A Parking Space In Brookline Worth $45,000


A piece of real estate about the size of a coffin comes with a drop-dead price in Brookline.

It is nearly $45,000 for a parking spot, but snow removal is extra.

The spot, off Addington Road, hit the market in November for $15,000 more than it costs now.

In Brookline, parking is at a premium. But the spot is not even premium parking. For one thing, you are at risk of getting sideswiped and there is a tree stump that makes getting out of the passenger seat a little difficult.

To be fair, the listing does not promise voluminous, capacious or anything of the sort.

Though it may be in a “sought after location,” the property description also advises it is “suitable for compact car only.”

“It seems like a lot of money, but it’s not unreasonable for a parking space in Brookline,” The Presti Group’s Gina Dirocco said.

Dirocco says there is a good reason why, in Brookline, this humble pad of asphalt could fetch such a seemingly outrageous price.

“Most towns around here will let you park overnight nine months out of the year. All the months except the winter. Brookline, however, does not offer parking anytime of the year. Ever,” she explained.

With a low-enough interest rate, it is even possible slot number 12 could wind up costing less per month than a rented space.

Still, what might make good economic sense in the long run might not feel, to some, like good common sense in the short term.

It has been on the market for a while and still has not sold.