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Free Bluebikes In Boston Area This Saturday


This Saturday, Bluebikes are free to cyclists in the Boston area.

Outdoor retailer REI is partnering with Bluebikes for an “adventure pass.” The bikes are free to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the departing summer. Riders in the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Everett, and Somerville areas will have access to the “adventure pass.” 

Paul Gannon, REI regional experiences manager for New England, told the media, that, “While it’s fun to take a backpacking trip up in the White Mountains or spend a week out on the Cape, the city is full of opportunities to get outside and discover something new.”

The Bluebike service will be offering free, two-hour rides. To get the free bike service, users need to log in to the Bluebikes mobile app that day and select the “adventure pass” option.  

Not only are the bikes free, but REI is also offering a list of possible destinations for folks to explore this weekend. REI also is offering some perks along with these destinations, and if riders go to certain spots, their team will provide riders with some fun perks, such as a bike fixing stop, free ferry rides (normally they cost money) and other fun pop-up activities.

The Bluebikes service started in 2011, and they currently have 3,500 bikes and 300 stations across the city. Rriders have taken over 1.2 million trips, this year alone.