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Four Common Garage Door Opener Issues & How To Fix Them


Despite being one of the most critical aspects of your home or business, garage doors are very complex. There are so many parts, and the remote can be even more perplexing. Garage door opener issues are natural and happen all the time. Therefore, here are some of the most common problems and how to fix them. If you did not find a solution to your issue, it is best you call a professional who offers a garage door opener repair service.

1. Door Only Closes Halfway and Then Opens Again

Though this is a common issue with garage doors, it does not make it any less frustrating. When your garage door closes halfway only to open immediately after, it could be a problem with the opener’s sensors.

The sensor is found at the bottom of the door. It is a critical safety feature to ensure that no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged when the door closes. With this problem, your sensor could just be doing its job. Thus, take a look around your sensor and see if there is anything under the door that could cause it to stop the door. If there is nothing, you can take a soft cloth to clean the sensor in case any dirt or dust is obstructing its vision.

2. Faulty Remote Control

There are a few possible reasons for your garage door opener to simply stop working. One could be that there are dead batteries. This is a simple fix and only requires you to purchase new batteries and replace the old ones.

A faulty remote control could also mean that the antennae wire is not exposed properly. This means that there is improper communication between the door and the remote. When this happens, you may need to see if you need to clean the antennae on the garage door opener.

3. Door Closes and Then Opens Immediately After

The biggest surprise with garage doors is when they close only to reopen immediately after. You thought everything was working fine, but the garage door decides to act with a mind of its own. When this happens, there is usually a problem with the limit switch. This is the device that controls when and where the door stops as it moves up and down. To fix this, all you need to do is adjust the switch using a screwdriver.

4. The Door Does Not Open

If your garage door simply does not open, either remotely or manually, you could be in a world of frustration. What is worse is that there are so many reasons for the door to not work at all. For example, the opener’s cables could snap and cause disuse. Additionally, some of the issues may not even be related to the remote, like broken springs. The best way to identify the issue and repair it is by calling a local garage door repair service in Boston, MA.

Are You in Need of a Garage Repair Service?

If you have no idea where to start with fixing any of the above problems, call Garage Doors of Boston! Their garage door opener repair service can help you identify the exact issues with your door, fix it, and help you avoid the issue from happening again.


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