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Firefighter Edward Donnelly Retires

Edward Donnelly
Edward Donnelly

Firefighter Edward Donnelly is retired from the Brookline Fire Department effective June 29, 2018.

Young Edward was destined to follow his father’s footsteps in becoming a Brookline Firefighter. After graduating from Brookline High School in June of 1973, Edward served his country by joining the United States Air Force. He became an Electrical Power Production Specialist for the 780th Squadron. After an honorable discharge, Ed sought meaningful employment within a number of career opportunities. After taking the Civil Service exam, Edward was finally called and on November 29, 1982, F.F.O.P. Edward Donnelly was appointed to the Brookline Fire Department. After Drill School, “Young Tuna” was assigned to Station 5, Group 3 where he rode “The Nickel” for many years helping to protect the residents of Coolidge Corner and beyond.

On July 25, 1994, FF Donnelly, along with another firefighter, was instrumental in preventing a suicide. He positioned himself such that when an opportune moment came, he reached out and grabbed a patient who was about to jump. Due to his efforts, the patient was restrained and transported for treatment.

Realizing that the provision of E.M.S. was a major part of the job, FF Donnelly became an E.M.T. in July of 2001.

On July 18, 2004, Firefighter Donnelly performed another heroic life- saving act in the Plum Island basin. He jumped from his jet ski and rescued a swimmer in distress. He swam with the victim over 100 yards to shore and then with the assistance of a nurse, he administered C.P.R. until help arrived.

In March of 2008, Ed was transferred to Engine Co. No. 3 where he became the senior chauffeur of the company.

Edward’s dedication to the fire service did not end in Brookline. He served as a Deputy Chief on the Newbury Fire Department for 6 years and still continues to serve in an advisory capacity.

Throughout his career, Firefighter Donnelly affectionately known as “Little Tuna” was instrumental in coordinating the Muscular Dystrophy collection efforts conducted over the Labor Day weekend. He coordinated the companies and locations so as to maximize the fund raising efforts then went to the T.V. station to present the monies to the M.D.A. Congratulations Ed for a job well done!

Please join me in congratulating Firefighter Edward Donnelly on over 35 years of service to the Brookline Fire Department.

We wish him health and happiness and the longevity to enjoy both!

Good luck, Tuna!