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CoViD-19 Vaccination Update For Long-Term Care Facilities In Brookline


Town Administrator Mel Kleckner and Health Commissioner Dr. Swannie Jett wish to provide an update on the state of Massachusetts’ CoViD-19 vaccination distribution plan for long-term care facilities residents and staff.

Phase one of Massachusetts’ vaccination distribution plan began in December 2020 and is estimated to continue into February. Phase one vaccinations are being provided to multiple groups including residents and staff at long-term care facilities, rest homes and assisted living facilities.

Vaccinations for long-term care facilities began this week as a part of the federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program. Long-term care facilities have been matched with a pharmacy that will provide the CoViD-19 vaccination. A list of matched facilities in MS Excel format can be downloaded here.

Facilities partnered with CVS Pharmacy will receive a thank-you email from CVS Health asking to verify contact information for the facility, as well as a Client Guide for the facility. A local contact will reach out to facilities partnered with Walgreens.

The vaccine will be provided free of charge to these individuals. Guardians of long-term care facility residents can consent to the vaccination by using streamlined forms. Both pharmacies are also accepting verbal consent.

Pharmacy vaccine teams plan to visit each facility three times in order to stagger vaccinations. The vaccine must be given to each person in two doses, approximately three weeks apart. A benefit of protection against CoViD-19 is shown within 2 weeks of the first dose.

“Vaccinations are the next step in our battle against CoViD-19,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Jett. “If you are exposed to an infected individual, the vaccine works with your immune system to fight the virus. While vaccines are known to be effective, they are not completely foolproof which is why it is important to continue to be vigilant against CoViD-19 and practice safe behaviors.”

After being vaccinated, residents and staff should continue to take the proper precautions including wearing a face mask or covering, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and washing hands regularly.

For questions regarding long-term care facilities vaccinations, please contact CVS Pharmacy at CovidVaccineClinicsLTCF@CVSHealth.com or Walgreens at ImmunizeLTC@walgreens.com.

For more information about the state of Massachusetts’ guidance for vaccine distribution for long-term care facilities, please visit here.

For more information about CoViD-19 vaccines in general, please visit the CDC’s website here and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website here.