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Brookline Recreation Announces COVID-19 Case In Soccer Program Participant


Recreation Director Leigh Jackson and Health Commissioner Dr. Swannie Jett announce that a participant in Brookline Recreation’s grades 7 and 8 coed soccer program has tested positive for COVID-19.

One player who took part in a game on Saturday morning, October 03, 2020, tested positive for the novel coronavirus after developing symptoms on Sunday, October 04, 2020. The affected child is experiencing mild symptoms and is now isolating at home.

“We are working with the Recreation Department to ensure that we are following all protocols, including following up with all of the families who may have been affected by this case,” Dr. Jett said.

In accordance with Department of Public Health recommendations and Recreation Department policy, practices and games for the affected player’s team and the team they played on October 03, 2020 have been cancelled through this weekend. Decisions about future games will be made at a later date.

The Recreation Department and Brookline Department of Public Health have been in contact with families of the two impacted teams and informed them of next steps they should take. Additionally, schedules for the two unaffected grades 7 and 8 coed soccer division teams have been modified so they can continue to play.

“Our utmost concern is the health and well being of all of our program participants,” Jackson said. “We’re grateful for the community’s continued support of Brookline Recreation, and we are committed to doing all we can to ensure the continued success of our programming while being mindful of the need to adapt as circumstances require.”