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Brookline Police, Fire Were Highest Earners In 2017


Once again Brookline public safety officials dominated the list of the highest-paid town employees in 2017.

In 2016, the top two earners were Brookline Police officers Michael McCarthy and Robert Mayer. In 2017 Brookline Fire Deputy Chief Colin O’Connell was the highest-paid town employee with a gross take home of 4238,966.55. Michael McCarthy and Paul Cullinane of the Brookline Police were the next highest paid with $238,234.18 and $228,725.05 respectively.

Brookline officers can add tens of thousands of dollars to their base salaries through education bonuses, and by working details at construction sites during off hours.

In 2017, 487 town employees passed the $100,000 milestone, with 17 employees passing the $200,000 mark. Among the town employees to reach the $100,000 plus, club, many work in public safety and the schools. A few employees in DPW, town counsel, Planning and Community Development and other departments were also among the 487 to pass the milestone.

The salary data, based on town records, was gathered from a database of more than 4,000 employees who collected paychecks from the town in 2017.

The top 10

  1. Brookline Fire, Deputy Chief, Colin O’Connell: $238,966.55
  2. Police officer Michael McCarthy: $238,234.18
  3. Lieutenant Paul Cullinane: $228,752.05
  4. Police Chief Daniel O’Leary: $227,420.09
  5. Officer Robert Mayer: $222,002.53
  6. Town Administrator Mel Kleckner: $219,470.29
  7. Lieutenant Kevin Mealy: $218,815.31
  8. Sergeant Michael Raskin: $217,971.13
  9. Sergeant Ilya Gruber: $217,625.22
  10. Brookline Fire, Deputy Chief, Robert Nelson: $217,032.58


Though public safety officials topped the list of highest-paid Brookline employees in 2017, several Brookline public schools employees also topped the list.

  1. Superintendent Andrew Bott: $197,265.46
  2. Assistant Superintendent Mary Ellen Normen: $189,211.53
  3. Deputy Superintendent for Student Services Samuel Zimmerman: $182,426.12
  4. Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Nicole Gittens: $177,925.10
  5. Brookline High School Headmaster Anthony Meyer: $160,691.65