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Why So Many Decks Of Cards In Gard Games


If you play online casino games, then you have most probably come across what are called card games. These are games that are generally played with cards and both the loser and the winner are determined by the value of cards that they have in their hand.

What most people do not seem to understand is why the card games that we play are played with so many decks of cards. And today we want to shed a little light on that matter.

Why are card games played with so many cards?

To Avoid Cheating

The first reason, which we believe the most important is that card games are played with so many cards so that the players can avoid cheating. Back in the day, before we played at online casinos united states, card games where played with a standard 52 card deck. But that it made it easy to count cards and allow for players to even mark the cards. Therefore, to avoid all that, the games evolved and more and more card decks where then added to the game play.

Makes The Games Longer

Playing the game with more than one deck of cards would also for a proper mix up of the cards and the games would last longer playing with only one deck of cards, meant that the cards would have to be shuffled often, which is fine if you are applying online. But if you are playing at land based casino there is wear and tear and the cards would have to change to often.

Gives The Players More Chances To Win

Lastly, playing more that one deck of cards gave at the best payout online casinos, players more chances to win. Playing with more cards in card games gives the players more winning hand options and this turn gives players more chances of walking away with top real money rewards.