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Service At Golden Temple Going Down The Drain


The Chinese restaurant, located at 1651 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02445, is recently piling up a whole lot of negative reviews.

“The service was horrible. The waiter said they were getting lots of takeout orders keeping the kitchen busy. There were five of us. One entree was served and we waited at least 20-30 minutes for the second entree. That dish was cold. When the third entree didn’t arrive after another 20-30 minutes we took it to go. I won’t go back to this restaurant again.”, says a recent visitor.

Another one adds “Not going back again. It used to be a great restaurant. For the past 1-2 years, the service has been consistently bad, the food is never hot when it is brought to the table, and it’s not worth the price.”

And finally: “A special family dinner with very, very good food ruined by miserable service. After a round of drinks, our party of 4 ordered 2 appetizers and 5 dishes that we intended to share. They literally brought one dish out at a time, with about 5 minutes between each dish arrival and the next — and forgot two of our dishes. After all of the appetizers were done, then comes the fried rice, but no other dishes. Do we (a) eat it by itself, or (b) let it get cold while we wait for everything else? Well, we initially chose (b), until we realized this was how they they were serving. It wasn’t just us; the party across the aisle had what looked like a plate of lo mein show up after they were done eating everything else, and the server struggled to understand they’re request to send it back and remove it from the bill. Then, of the 4 drinks (all non-alcoholic) that we ordered during our prolonged one-dish-at-a-time meal, we only received two, but of course were charged for all 4. Not the type of service you’d expect at an upper scale and expensive restaurant.”