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Loud Parties, Egg Throwers And A Punch In The Face


Friday, May 5

Person down: A passerby called to report someone fell near Capital One near the corner of Beacon and Harvard streets. They had to be taken to the hospital.

Fight: Someone called to report a fight at a dorm on Heath Street at 12:43 a.m. The night before someone called the around he same time to report something a group of women were fighting there.

Eggs: A Stanton Road resident called to report a group of teens hanging around the high school were throwing eggs and possibly paint at houses near the High School.

Saturday, May 6

Wallet: A Brookline resident called to report someone stole his wallet while he was at Gymn It on Commonwealth Avenue.

Drunk: An intoxicated woman called to ask to be taken to the hospital around 2:40 p.m.

Shoplifting: A business on Harvard Street called to report someone shoplifting. Two people were arrested.

Loud mouths: At least nine people called in to report loud noises after midnight, including on Longwood, Beacon, Gibbs Street, Pond, Kent, Stanton and Gerry Road.

Sunday, May 7

Slashed: A Tappan Street resident called to report all four tires on their Honda CRV were slashed.

Everything OK?: Someone called to report there was a man laying in the road near the corner of Freeman and St. Paul streets and wanted to make sure everyone was ok. The person was awake and breathing. He was transported to the hospital.

Stolen: Someone called to report a bicycle was stolen overnight from Harvard Street.

Punched: Someone called to report they were punched in the face on Babcock Street. Turned out two patients at a Babcock Street facility were summonsed for assault and battery on three staff members.