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Brookline DPW Announces Reopening Of The Margaret E. Robinson Playground


The Brookline Department of Public Works Parks and Open Space Division is delighted to announce that the Margaret E. Robinson Playground has finished reconstruction and is officially reopening to the public tomorrow afternoon, Friday, June 28, 2024.

The redesigned playground features all-new Landscape Structures play equipment. There are two play structures, one for ages 5-12 and another for ages 2-5, as well as a swing set, and see-saw. The Playground includes a new swing zone play area that features traditional swings, hammocks, and saucer swings. Perimeter seating, picnic tables, and a new generation of shade trees have been added to the park. The renovation features a vortex splash pad, a new shared-use hardcourt play area with a basketball hoop, and accessible entries and pathways throughout the park.


In addition to the above-ground site amenities, a new below-grade infiltration system has been installed below the pathway. This infiltration system will help divert stormwater from the park and surrounding areas from the Muddy River by providing on-site storage so that rainwater can slowly percolate into the soil. This retention system will help minimize on-site flooding and improve the quality of stormwater that discharges into the Muddy River.

An official grand opening celebration event, with family-friendly activities, is set to take place in the summer of 2024. Details of the celebration event will be shared on DPW social media and the Town’s website in the summer of 2024 when an event date and time have been set. For information on the playground renovation, please visit here or e-mail Jessie Waisnor at jwaisnor@brooklinema.gov.

“The Parks Department is thrilled to deliver a new and improved Margaret E. Robinson Playground that not only provides a play area for children but features amenities for all ages, including new benches, picnic tables, and a hardcourt play area,” Parks & Open Space Director Alexandra Vecchio said. “The addition of the below-grade infiltration system is also an amazing addition that is another small step for us to build resilience to our changing climate.”