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Register O’Donnell Warns Homeowners About Deed Scams


Register of Deeds William P. O’Donnell today reminded Norfolk County residents to disregard a direct mail solicitation offering them a certified copy of their property deed for an outrageous fee of anywhere from $60-$112. 

Register O’Donnell stated, “For the past several years, a California company has been preying on unsuspecting homeowners by sending a direct mail solicitation asking them to send a check for $112 in order to receive a copy of their deed. If a consumer knew that they could print a non-certified copy of their deed for free from our website norfolkdeeds.org or obtain a certified copy of their deed for a charge of only $1.00 per page plus an additional $1.00 for postage, they would never agree to pay such an outrageous fee for service. The average price for a mailed homeowner’s certified deed copy by the Registry (usually two pages) is $3.00.”

Consumers should always be cautious of unsolicited requests for payment, especially when it comes to official documents like property deeds. It is important to research and verify the legitimacy of any requests before sending money.

“These solicitations,” noted O’Donnell, “are labeled Recorded Deed Notice and request that the homeowner forward a check in the amount of $112 for a copy of their deed. The Registry has been contacted by multiple individuals who have received this solicitation. Please do not fall for this scam.”

Always verify the source of any request for payment for official documents, as scammers often target homeowners with deceptive tactics. It is advisable to contact the appropriate authorities, such as the Registry, to confirm the legitimacy of any such requests before taking any action. If you receive such a deed solicitation notice, please contact the Registry’s Customer Service Center at 781-461-6101 or by e-mail at registerodonnell@norfolkdeeds.org.

Register O’Donnell concluded, “While the deed direct mail solicitation may be legal, it is unconscionable as it takes needless advantage of individuals. Clearly, this is a scam being perpetrated against hard working Norfolk County residents, many of whom are first-time homeowners or elderly. Consumers are interpreting these notices as a bill, since they are affixed with a due date. I once again urge in the strongest terms that Norfolk County citizens not let themselves fall victim to these types of misleading deed scam advertisements.”

Additionally, if you desire a certified copy of your own deed, also contact the Customer Service Center and they will be glad to provide you with one for a nominal fee of usually $2.00-$3.00.

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