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Brookline Department Of Public Health & Human Services To Begin Distributing Free Rapid CoViD-19 Tests


Interim Health Commissioner Patrick Maloney is pleased to announce that the Brookline Department of Public Health and Human Services will begin distributing thousands of rapid CoViD-19 tests to members of the community this week.

Brookline is one of 102 communities in Massachusetts to receive rapid tests through a new state program, which residents can use to help mitigate the spread of CoViD-19. Brookline has 18,700 tests and will work with community partners to distribute tests to residents in need starting today.

Brookline DHHS, working in collaboration with the town’s Emergency Management Team, will distribute tests to residents living in 400 apartments owned by the Brookline Housing Authority. Additional tests will be provided to housing authority staff to distribute to residents in need.

Tests will also be shared with the Council on Aging to distribute at the Senior Center. COA social workers will also be provided tests to share with seniors during home visits. Additionally, tests will be provided to food pantries, select lodging homes with subsidized housing and religious institutions.

Tests are not available at the Health building at this time.

“These rapid tests could not come to us at a more critical time, as many in our community no doubt plan to gather for the holidays,” Maloney said. “We are working closely with our partners to distribute these tests to those in our community who will benefit the most. I am grateful to the Commonwealth for taking this step, which should help us more efficiently identify and isolate positive cases, keeping residents safe.”

The delivery of rapid tests will be augmented in mid-January by the arrival of the state’s VaxBus in Brookline. More information about the opportunity to be vaccinated at the mobile clinic will be provided when it becomes available.

In addition, the Town of Brookline is working to coordinate booster clinics for residents, and more information will be provided soon. In the meantime, residents seeking boosters are urged to use the state’s online vaxfinder to identify where they can get a shot.

More information about Brookline DHHS’ plan to distribute rapid tests will be announced as the plan is more fully developed.

Image caption: Commissioner Patrick Maloney with members of the National Guard, who delivered rapid CoViD-19 tests that will be distributed to residents.