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Brookline Department Of Health & Human Services Begins Outreach On Tobacco Bylaw


Interim Health Commissioner Patrick Maloney announces that the Brookline Department of Health and Human Services has begun outreach regarding the bylaw passed by Town Meeting earlier this year, which restricts tobacco purchases by anyone born after January 01, 2000.

The bylaw took effect in September following authorization by the Office of the Attorney General. The bylaw, which was proposed via citizens petition and subsequently adopted by Town Meeting, prohibits anyone born after January 01, 2000 from purchasing tobacco products in Brookline. The bylaw has been referred to as a “tobacco-free generation” policy, with the intent of preventing those born after the cutoff date from becoming tobacco users.

“After receiving clarity from the Attorney General’s Office, we have begun by conducting educational outreach to businesses in town that sell tobacco products to ensure they are aware of their obligations,” Maloney said. “At this stage, we have prioritized education ahead of enforcement as businesses adapt to this change, but we are also committed to ensuring compliance with these regulations going forward.”

None of the 18 licensed tobacco sellers in Brookline have been cited for violations of the bylaw since it took effect.

“Tobacco is a harmful product to users of all ages, and we have done extensive work as a community to conduct outreach with the goal of preventing youth tobacco use of all kinds, including vaping, smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco,” Maloney said.

The above posting has been provided to all licensed tobacco sellers in Brookline.