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$400 Worth Of Razors Stolen: Brookline Police Logs


Here is a sample of the types of calls the Brookline Police department responded to this weekend.

Saturday, Feb. 10

Drunk: Someone called to report a drunk person at Bendi’s Fine Fitting & Talyor on Beacon Street. This person was transported to a hospital just before midnight.

Stolen: Someone called to report he left his wallet at Winn Residential on Village Way and later got an alert that someone was using his debit card. He said his wallet with license and social security card was in it.

Some friend: Someone came into the station to report his car was now stolen after he had made an unofficial agreement with his friend to rent his car. He said his friend had stopped paying him but still had the car.

Shoplifting: Someone reported a shoplifting incident at Back Motion on Beacon Street and then someone else reported one at the TJ Maxx on Harvard Street.

uh, if a tree falls in Brookline: A Lee Street resident called to report a large tree had started to fall on the main roadway and was precariously balanced against another tree. She wanted advice.

Sunday, Feb. 11

Suspicious: Two people called separately about someone they thought was fishy. An employee at a local pub said they saw a someone acting weird at the Station Street parking lot around 1:05 a.m.

Noisy: Someone on Beacon Street was given a citation for being too loud after midnight after being given a warning an hour earlier.

Oops: A Stearns Road resident called to report they were locked out of their apartment… and there was a burning candle inside.

Monday, Feb. 12

Vandals: Someone reported a sign on Fuller Street was vandalized somehow.

Lock your car: Someone came into the police station at 5:23 p.m. to report his truck, which was parked on Brookline Ave earlier this morning for an hour, was broken into and his bag of tools was taken. He said his his vehicle was unlocked.

Looking for a close shave: A manager at CVS on Beacon Street reported someone came in and stole about $400 worth of men’s razors on Saturday.

Pedestrian hit: Someone called to report a person was hit by a Toyota Prius near the corner of St. Paul street and Longwood Avenue. The person refused ambulance transport. The driver of the car was issued a citation.

Entryway pirates: Someone from the building management at a Parkman Street reported that there had been several packages stolen from the common area in the building over the past few days, including at least two stolen today.

Fire: Someone called to report an outside fire in a rear lot on Pleasant Street around 10:47 p.m. The person who called said she thought it was set by teens.