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Locker theft: An officer responded to a gym on Beacon Street for a report of a stolen wallet. A man said he entered the gym, put his jacket and wallet in a locked locker and then kept the key on him until he got into the shower and hung his key on a towel rack. It was at this time he thinks his key was taken and used to access his locker. After returning to his locker and leaving, the victim realized his wallet was gone.

Credit card fraud arrest: An employee of a business on Beacon Street called police to report a possible credit card fraud. The employee told police that a woman tried to buy something there but the card came up as “unauthorized” twice and the name on the card didn’t fit the person in front of the employee. The woman refused to provide identification and left the store in a gray Mercedes. The employee then contacted the police. An officer stopped a vehicle matching the description and questioned the operator. The reporting party was brought over and identified the operator as the suspect. She was then placed under arrest.

Fight uncovers a warrant: Someone called to report two men in a fight near a bar on Harvard Street. The fight ended and the men ran off, but an officer in another area saw two people matching the description the caller had given. Other officers arrived to assist and one of the men admitted to being involved in the fight. While identifying them, a warrant was discovered for one of them and he was placed under arrest.

Do not drive and sleep: An off duty officer driving on Washington Street came across a car that had hit a cement light pole. He requested on duty officers arrive on scene and checked on the driver who was uninjured. The driver told the officer he thought he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel and was awaken from the impact of his motor vehicle.