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National Grid Construction Areas Hearing


National Grid has two active construction areas in Brookline for which they have asked the Board of Selectmen for Noise By Law Waivers. A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th at approximately 8:45 p.m. during the Selectmen’s meeting.

Public hearing:

  • date: Tuesday, September 5, 2017;
  • time: approximately 8:45 p.m.;
  • location: Selectmen’s Hearing Room, 6th Floor, Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street;
  • public comment will be accepted during this hearing;
  • comments may also be submitted in writing, in advance of the hearing, to sorsini@brooklinema.gov.

Information provided by National Grid (August 31, 2017):

“National Grid would like to request two noise variance extensions due to some obstacles we have run into. One big obstacle was the Comm Ave. bridge project that set us back 3 weeks! The Project on Beacon St is moving along but with all the underground obstructions we have had, slowed things down to the point that we need to take out a section of the existing gas main in order to connect the new main. The extension we are requesting  would carry us into November 15, 2017.”

Boylston Street, Rt. 9 remaining work & timeline:

  • 600′ of gas main;
  • 3 main connections;
  • 11 Services;
  • Abandon Gas Main;
  • 2 1/2 months until completion

Beacon Street remaining work and timeline:

  • Gas main- for the most part is installed wrapping up the valves and end caps;
  • Prep 3- 4″ gas services (need before gas-in date);
  • 8 Main connections are being prepared;
  • 15 services;
  • schedule to gas in new main 9/18;
  • abandon gas main;
  • Looking to complete this project the end of October

Please note that the MBTA has recently being doing maintenance in the same areas as National Grid’s Beacon Street project. The MBTA is not required to seek Board of Selectmen approval for a Noise ByLaw waiver for nighttime work, nor are they required to notify abutters of current or future maintenance during nighttime hours.