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Brookline Public Works Launches Sanitation Smartphone App, Extends Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Season


The Highway and Sanitation Division of the Brookline Public Works Department announces that it has launched the We Recycle Brookline smartphone app and is extending household hazardous waste drop-off through November.

“We are extremely excited about the We Recycle Brookline app, which will make it easier than ever for residents to reduce and properly dispose of their household waste through recycling and composting,” Gallentine said. “Additionally, the extension of the household hazardous waste drop-off season is a great way for residents to safely dispose of potentially dangerous items and chemicals that should never be thrown in with regular household trash.”

Smartphone App Helps Streamline Sanitation

The We Recycle Brookline app serves as an information center for Brookline residents, with updates about collection schedules — including trash pickup delays due to holidays and inclement weather — as well as a resource for information on how to properly dispose of or recycle common items.

The app is expected to have additional features in the future, and residents are encouraged to download it to stay informed about sanitation related information in town.


Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Extended Through November

Household hazardous waste drop-off at the Brookline Transfer Station has been extended through November 24, 2020, to help ensure residents are properly disposing of household hazardous materials. Household hazardous waste is accepted at the Transfer Station, 815 Newton Street, on Tuesdays from 07:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Accepted items include, but are not limited to: fertilizers, art supplies, products containing mercury, household cleaners, automotive fluids and chemicals. For a full list of what is — and is not — accepted, click here.

Household composting is also accepted during household hazardous waste collection. Residents may also sign up for curbside composting pickup for a nominal fee through the town’s partnership with Black Earth Compost by visiting blackearthcompost.com.

Curbside compost pickup is available for $59.99 per six months, and if more than 3,000 Brookline households sign up then the collection price would drop to $49.99 per six months. Compost is picked up weekly.

About these programs: The Town’s programs are supported by the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, a board of seven residents appointed by the Select Board, whose mission is to promote increased recycling participation by Brookline residents and businesses. Increased recycling helps to effectively decrease the waste stream and create a more sustainable community.

The most effective way to increase recycling and reduce the Town’s impact on the environment is to provide education on the programs and initiatives available. Check out The Recycling Corner in the Brookline Tab for regular information about recycling initiatives in Brookline.

More information can also be found on the Town’s website here, by contacting the Program Manager, Ed Gilbert, at egilbert@brooklinema.gov or by calling the main line at 617-879-4900.