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Brookline Boy Asked To Get In Stranger’s Car


Police say a man driving an old green or brown Honda asked a 12-year-old boy to get in his car while the boy was walking down Kent Street Thursday evening.

The boy ran home and told his mother who called police. Now police are looking for anyone that might fit the description of the man. Police described the man as having an accent, a gray mustache a receding hairline and a black or dark colored sweatshirt or jacket. The boy told police the car was old and beat up.

The boy told police he was walking down Kent Street near Station Street around 7:00 p.m. when the Honda slowed down near where the boy was walking and asked the boy for directions. The boy reportedly pointed toward Aspinwall Avenue and told him to go in that direction, but the man asked him to get into the car to show him.

That is when the boy stopped responding and ran home, police said.

Police officers canvassed the area but were unable to locate any vehicles in the area matching that description. Police are investigating but encourage anyone who may have seen anything to contact them.

This is what your kids should know:

  • If a stranger pulls up in a car and offers you a ride, do not get in.
  • If a stranger asks you to look in the car, do not do it.
  • Do not agree to look in the trunk or in the back of a truck or van.
  • Do not put your arm in the window to take something or point to something.
  • Do not agree to come closer to see a pet or to get a toy that’s offered.
  • Avoid a stranger’s car completely.