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Traffic, Parking, Security Plans For U.S. Open Championship


The Town of Brookline, in collaboration with its numerous partners, shares the following information about safety, traffic, and parking plans for the upcoming U.S. Open Championship.

The 122nd U.S. Open Championship will be held at The Country Club from June 13-19, attracting golf patrons from around the world. The Town is proud to host this high-profile event.

However, even with a sophisticated traffic and parking management plan, traffic, parking, and regular services will be significantly affected during Championship Week. The Town wishes to alert businesses and residents about these impacts. The Town suggests suggest remote work if possible, and recommends that motorists seek alternate routes and allow for extra time for daily commutes. Some areas in South Brookline will be difficult to access.

A working groupcoordinated by Recreation Director Leigh Jackson has spent more than a year developing a public safety and traffic management plan that will protect those attending the U.S. Open while respecting the surrounding neighborhood and limiting traffic and congestion.

The working group included representatives of the Brookline Police Department, Brookline Fire Department, Brookline Department of Public Works, Brookline Building Department, The Country Club, the United States Golf Association, USGA traffic consultant Howard Stein Hudson, Massachusetts State Police, the Boston Police Department, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Boston College Police, the Massachusetts National Guard, and other state and federal law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, United States Postal Service, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Highlights of the plan include:

Traffic and road closures

  • Thirty-five to 40 traffic detail locations will be staffed by state and local law enforcement agencies throughout South Brookline and Chestnut Hill, to provide for public safety and help keep traffic moving.
  • Variable message boards on state highways will be used to encourage use of public transportation.
  • The MBTA Route 51 Bus will be rerouted around the area via Hammond Pond Parkway and Route 9.School buses will be rerouted through Button Village and continue to have access to and from South Brookline, through agreement with Brookline Public Schools.
  • The following streets will be closed from Saturday, June 11 through Sunday, June 19: Lee Street, from Warren Street to Clyde Street; Clyde Street; Newton Street, from Grove Street to Goddard Avenue. Abutting residents, shuttle buses, and public-safety vehicles have been given permits to identify them as being allowed on these streets. Brookline Police and Brookline Fire personnel will have unimpeded access while on calls.
  • Newton Street will be one-way from Grove Street to West Roxbury Parkway, though access will not be restricted.
  • Access to Button Village will be available via Meadowbrook Road and Sears Road, via Dudley.
  • Fifty-three streets will be marked as Resident-Only parking. Police will ticket or tow vehicles based on resident reports or officer observation. A full list of streets is available here.
  • Fire lanes will be posted on one side of Lyman Road and Yarmouth Road, to ensure emergency vehicle access on the private ways.

A map of traffic modifications may be found here.


  • The Town of Brookline Transfer Station will be used for security review of goods and services.
  • Robert T. Lynch Golf Course will be used as a base for the Incident Command Center, and for mail and package screening.

Other impacts

  • The Town trash collection schedule will be changed on Friday, June 17, 2022, to allow the Department of Public Works to work ahead of road closures and expected traffic delays. The Department of Public works requests that on June 17, 2022, all trash and recycling be placed for collection no later than 04:30 a.m.
  • There will be several disruptions to regular off-leash hours, end-of-school field days, organized sports, and other events. These will primarily affect Larz Anderson Park, Amory Playground, Brookline Avenue Playground and Downes Field.
  • Larz Anderson Park will be used for rideshare drop-off, shuttle drop-off and credentialed parking. Use of the picnic pavilion, grills, and athletic field are not permitted during the event. Green Dog off-leash hours are suspended through June 19, 2022, for the safety of all pups and park visitors. The public may visit the park as pedestrians or through parking spaces reserved along Goddard Avenue parallel to the perimeter wall. The full calendar is here, and reflects all the permitted activities taking place during the next few weeks.

Spectator access

  • Most spectators will be transported to The Country Club via shuttle buses that will operate from dedicated drop-off locations on Clyde Street, Newton Street, at Allandale Farm, and at Pine Manor College.
  • Shuttle service will be available from satellite parking lotsfrom as close as Dexter Southfield School, which is for pre-assigned parking only, and as far away as Needham/Wellesley.
  • The MBTA will provide shuttle service from hubs at the Forest Hills and Cleveland Circle stations, from 06:00 a.m. into the late evening.
  • The driveway of Larz Anderson Park will be available for personal drop-off, taxis, and rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft. Traffic will flow one way from Avon Street to Newton Street.Allandale Farm will be used for pre-assigned parking and shuttle bus drop-off.
  • Larz Anderson Park will be used for bike parking, rideshare, shuttle drop off and credentialed vehicular parking.
  • Robert T. Lynch Golf Course will be used for pre-assigned parking.

Those who have questions or concerns during U.S. Open week are asked to email the Town at usopen@brooklinema.gov or contact the Call Center at 617-879-5636. Information about the U.S. Open Championship and the Town of Brookline’s efforts may be found here.


About the 2022 U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is the annual open national championship of golf in the United States. It is one of four major championships and is organized by the United States Golf Association.

This year’s championship will be played at The Country Club from June 13-19, 2022.For more information about the U.S. Open, please visit here and here.

For more information about the USGA, please visit here.