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Town Of Brookline Launches New Resource To Connect Residents With Housing Services


The Town of Brookline is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource within its Housing Stability Office that aims to connect residents facing housing challenges with resources to support them. The online Housing Case Inquiry (HCI) Portal simplifies the process for Brookline residents seeking assistance with a variety of housing issues.

The new HCI Portal provides residents with a central contact point for housing inquiries. From rental assistance programs to housing discrimination concerns and infrastructure conditions, the Housing Stability Office team is ready to assist residents in connecting them with the right department or external community resource.

The Portal offers a streamlined experience for residents facing challenges. Through the portal, residents can give details on their specific situation. Based on that situation, the Portal will assign the submission to the most appropriate Town department equipped to address the specified needs and will aim to provide a response within 3 business days. The Town cannot provide direct rental assistance or foreclosure / eviction protection, but Town departments will work diligently to explore all options in the hopes of finding a positive, or at least improved, outcome within the bounds of available resources. The Town is committed to connecting residents with the support they need and advocating for a fair and accessible housing landscape in Brookline.

“The creation of the Housing Stability Office reflects the Town’s commitment to addressing the housing pressures faced by our residents,” said Chas Carey, Town Administrator. “This new resource is a critical step in facilitating access to the housing support systems already available in our community. We understand navigating these resources can be confusing, and we want to ensure all residents feel empowered to seek the help they need.”

“We understand this is a new process,” said Assistant Town Administrator for Operations Tiffany Oliva. “There will inevitably be a learning curve as we encounter various cases and inquiries. However, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our team will be monitoring the process, gathering data, and refining our approach to ensure optimal service delivery.”

This launch marks the completion of Phase 2 of the Housing Stability Office’s three-phase approach to tackling housing issues in Brookline. Phase 1 focused on centralizing existing resources on the Town website. Phase 3, which will be developed during the coming fall and winter, will focus on leveraging Community Preservation Act and other funds to best address specific housing-related gaps in the existing social services network.

Residents can access the new Housing Stability Office resource here.


About the Brookline Housing Stability Office

The Brookline Housing Stability Office was established by a Warrant Article passed at the 2023 Annual Town Meeting. The office serves as a central point of access for information and resources related to housing issues faced by Brookline residents. The goal of the Housing Stability Office is to connect residents with existing resources, advocate for new support programs, and collaborate with community partners to promote housing stability within Brookline.

Housing Stability Office information can be found here.