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Town Of Brookline Develops Civilian Feedback Form To Evaluate Police Interactions


Town Administrator Mel Kleckner and Acting Chief of Police Mark Morgan are pleased to announce that the Brookline Police Department has launched a form designed to collect feedback from those who have had interactions with members of the department.

The pilot program, which was initiated by the Select Board’s Committee on Policing Reforms, enables civilians to quickly provide feedback on their individual interactions with Brookline Police.

To access the form, please visit here.

The form is accessible via smartphone, tablets and desktops, and allows residents and visitors who have interactions with members of the police department to provide feedback on the quality of the interaction. All responses are anonymous by default, though respondents will have the option to identify themselves, and also have the option to identify the police personnel with whom they interacted.

“Understanding our community’s perception of our police department and having a data-driven approach to analyzing its strengths and opportunities for improvement is absolutely critical,” Chief Morgan said. “I’m hopeful that people will capitalize on the opportunity to provide thoughtful feedback on their interactions with members of the department so that we can evaluate their responses and adapt our approaches to ensure we are meeting the needs of the public.”

In the event that respondents have strong positive or negative feelings about their interactions, they will be provided the additional option to complete either a commendation or complaint form.

Respondents will also have the option to provide demographic data, such as race, age or sex, which will help analysts better interpret the data the survey yields. Survey responses will be maintained by the town’s Information Technology Department, while the Police Department and Office of Diversity will regularly monitor the results and develop monthly reports to the Select Board on issues that have been identified and how they were addressed.

The form can be found on the police website under How Do I section and on the Select Board’s website here. Officers will have the form via QR code on their business cards to hand out during interactions with people in Brookline as well.