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Town Of Brookline Declares Snow Emergency Parking Ban, Offers Information Ahead Of Winter Storm


The Town of Brookline has declared a snow emergency parking ban and a one-day delay in municipal sanitation collection services in anticipation of Tuesday’s winter storm.

The Brookline Emergency Management team, which includes the Departments of Public Works, Police, and Fire, is preparing for a storm forecast to potentially bring heavy snow, strong wind gusts, and possibly even blizzard conditions to the area on Tuesday.

All Brookline schools and public buildings will be closed on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, due to the inclement weather. 

The parking ban will be in effect from Tuesday at 7 a.m. to Wednesday at 7 a.m. During a snow emergency parking ban, no on-street parking is permitted in town. All unauthorized vehicles remaining on the street or in public parking lots will be subject to ticketing and towing.

Residents are advised that there will be no trash collection on Tuesday and collection will be pushed back by one day. Trash regularly scheduled for pick-up on Tuesday will be picked up on Wednesday. Trash collection for the remainder of the week will be delayed by one day, with Friday’s regular route being collected on Saturday.

As snow removal operations ramp up on Tuesday, plow crews will prioritize main roadways and clearing a path for emergency vehicles before focusing on neighborhood roads, schools and public buildings.

The Town of Brookline requires property owners to keep sidewalks and ramps contiguous to their property in a non-slippery condition for pedestrian travel by clearing all ice and snow from a pathway at least 36 inches in width.

Residences with less than four family units must comply with the sidewalk clearing bylaws within 24 hours of a storm’s end. Commercial properties and multi-family properties with more than four units must comply within three hours of a storm’s end. Failure to comply can lead to a notice from the town, or fines ranging from $100 to $250 per day.

If you own a property or business in town, please remember to:

  • Maintain all sidewalks and ramps abutting your property or business in a non-slippery condition free of ice and snow.
  • If you are out of town or are unable to clear ice and snow due to physical limitations, please be sure to have someone else prepared to maintain the sidewalk for you.
  • Clear openings at intersections and crosswalks so pedestrians can cross safely.
  • Always have a supply of ice melt (CaCl2 or KCL) on hand and apply frequently after a storm and during the winter season to prevent snow from packing down and forming ice.
  • Whenever possible, please help to assist your Public Safety Departments by clearing catch basins and snow-covered fire hydrants adjacent to your property.

The Town of Brookline would also like to advise residents that to keep trash and recycling collection running smoothly through the snow season, residents are asked to take the following steps:

  • Shovel a path for recycling and waste carts.
  • Make sure carts are clear of snow and ice. Place carts close to the street. Carts will not be picked up behind snowbanks.
  • Leave a 4-inch space on either side of the recycling and waste carts to provide easy access for the trucks’ automated arms.
  • Loose recycling and waste will not be picked up unless placed in the recycling and waste carts.

To sign up for emergency alerts from the Town of Brookline by call, e-mail or text, please visit here.