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Take Steps To Help Prevent Rodents In Town


Health Commissioner Sigalle Reiss and the Brookline Department of Public Health urge the community to do their part to help prevent rodents in town as summer approaches.

Outdoor summer activities, including festivals, picnics and outdoor dining, have been found to contribute to the prevalence of rodents in public places.

The department shares the following tips for residents and business owners to help minimize the presence of rodents:

  • Store rubbish/garbage in covered containers with tight-fitting lids;
  • Inspect the exterior of your property to check if rodents are gaining access to or around the building. Any openings around doors, windows, drains, or cracks in foundations should be sealed;
  • Should it appear that rodents are gaining access to or around your property, you should obtain the services of a licensed extermination company to carry out integrated pest management techniques. Residents are reminded that loose poison is prohibited in Brookline;
  • Remove weeds and debris near buildings and yards;
  • Stack lumber and boxes on a rack with a clean open area underneath. Get rid of unused materials;
  • Do not place bird food on the ground, and clean any spillage daily;
  • clean animal waste from property frequently. When dining in town parks and open spaces, carry out any waste that does not fit in a waste bin;
  • Do not leave oversized items (i.e. pizza boxes) on the ground or stacked on top of trash cans.

“Our department works hard to minimize the presence of rats in town as much as possible, especially through the summer months,” Commissioner Reiss said. “But, all those in Brookline have a responsibility to help keep the town clean as well, and we urge those who live and work here to aid in our efforts to prevent rodents. These measures will be most effective through a community-wide effort. “

The department works regularly to minimize the presence of rats and other rodents in the community alongside other departments, including the Department of Public Works and the Building Department. Some of these steps include treating public properties, enforcing the state sanitary codes to ensure best practices, enforcing town by-laws to improve trash management and pest control, and education.

Residents are reminded that individual homeowners are responsible for baiting on their respective properties.

If the department identifies businesses or residences with conditions that contribute to rodent activity, the department will issue an abatement notice to the business, property, manager or owner. The department will complete a compliance inspection seven business days after notification. Non-compliance may result in enforceable actions, which may include fines, closure of the business, or a court order.

To file a rodent concern or complaint, please email RatReports@brooklinema.gov. For those who prefer to verbally file a complaint, please call 617-730-2308 and leave a message with the specific location, including address, if possible.

To view the full public health notice, please visit here.