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Seeking Executive Search Consultants As Police Chief Hiring Process Begins


Town Administrator Mel Kleckner is pleased to announce the town is beginning the search process for a new police chief.

Last week, the town issued a request for proposals from executive search consultants with a track record of thought leadership on the debate on police reform and race, with the selected consultant ultimately working with the town and stakeholders to identify a nationwide pool of candidates.

The selected consultant will engage members of the community to determine the profile of an ideal candidate, identify, recruit and evaluate possible candidates and perform background checks.

The Town is committed to maintaining an inclusive, equitable and progressive approach to policing, working in partnership with the community to ensure that all people enjoy a high quality of life without fear of crime. The Town has engaged in an intensive review of reforming and reimagining its police services and seeks a chief who will work toward the goals established by the Select Board and the ideals of the community.

The Town Administrator is responsible for recommending a final Chief of Police candidate or candidates to the Select Board. A screening panel of town residents assembled by Kleckner will assist him in identifying finalists for the position.

Proposals will be subject to the town’s by-laws on fair employment practices, non-discrimination in employment, and payment of living wages, among other conditions. Minority and women-owned businesses are encouraged to submit bids.

For detailed information on the request for proposals, requirements and expectations, or to obtain bid / proposal forms, please call 617-730-2195, or visit here.

Proposals from potential consultants will be accepted until September 02, 2021, at 02:00 p.m., when they will be opened and reviewed by the town’s chief procurement officer.