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Possible Hoarding May Have Fueled Apartment Fire In Brookline


Officials say a possible case of hoarding may have caused a fire at an apartment building Friday morning in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Firefighters were called to Brook House Condominiums at 77 Pond Avenue at about 4:00 a.m. where a fire was showing in a 5th-floor apartment.

The fire reached 2-alarms but crews were able to quickly get the blaze under control.

Authorities said there was one person in the apartment at the time but he was able to make it out safely. He also refused medical treatment.

Because the apartment owner had his door shut, fire officials said the blaze was contained to just that unit.

The dozens of other residents who live in the building also made it out safely. They have been temporarily displaced and are being assisted by the American Red Cross.

Authorities are investigating if the fire may have been fueled by a potential hoarding situation.

“We’re looking into a possible hoarding situation but very heavy fire in the construction of the building, you know, it holds the heat in. A lot of concrete. The fire is very hot, it self-vented and it broke through the windows on its own,” explained Brookline Deputy Fire Chief Robert Nelson.