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Tuesday, March 6

Graffiti on Marion Street: At 3:41 p.m. a caller reported graffiti on a Marion Street building.

Difficult customer at Dunkin Donuts: At 4:09 p.m. a Dunkin Donuts employee reported that a customer was refusing to leave the Commonwealth Avenue store. According to the police report, the customer was not being violent or aggressive.

Break and enter on Crafts Road: At 8:35 p.m. a caller reported hearing footsteps and banging noises in her Crafts Road house as if someone was walking.

Suspicious males on Warren Street: At 8:41 p.m. a caller reported two males parked in a sedan in a private driveway. According to the police report, the caller felt this was suspicious because people do not normally park there.

Loud teenagers on Kenwood Street: At 9:49 p.m. a caller reported multiple teenagers were being loud and had been in the middle of Kenwood Street for 15 to 20 minutes.

Bait and switch on Beacon Street: At 10:12 p.m. a caller reported that a man on Beacon Street had asked for a cigarette and then stole the caller’s phone out of his hand and ran away.

Wednesday, March 7

Suspicious package on Beacon Street: At 12:35 p.m. a caller reported an unattended red duffle bag at the Hawes Street T stop.

Solicitors on Summit Avenue: at 4:52 p.m. several residents reported several men with clipboards were roaming around a Summit Avenue building stating they were from the power company.

Thursday, March 8

Break and enter on Centre Street: At 9:49 p.m. a caller reported that he believed his Centre Street home was being broken into.

Friday, March 9

Suspicious vehicle: At 4:59 p.m. a caller reported that he believed he was being followed from Brighton Center by a red Toyota sedan.

Intoxicated teenagers at Anna’s Taqueria: At 9:08 p.m. a caller reported two intoxicated teenagers at the Anna’s Taqueria on Beacon Street.

Loud group on Monmouth Street: At 2:22 a.m. a caller reported a large group being loud in the St. Mary’s Street park.

Pants-less man on Prince Street: At 6:06 p.m. a caller reported a man who took off his pants and ran across the street into a house.

Sunday, March 11

Break and enter on Kent Street: At 12:06 a.m. a caller reported someone trying to break into a side door on Kent Street.

Uber dispute on Aspinwall Avenue: At 1:38 a.m. a caller reported that she left her cell phone in an Uber and the Uber driver wants $20 to $50 to bring it back.

Monday, March 12

Suspicious man on Devon Road: At 2:01 a.m. a caller reported that she saw a man, possibly wearing a firefighter-type helmet, open the rear yard gate.