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Plymouth Golf Notebook


Southers Marsh Golf Club
30 Southers Marsh Lane
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel.: 508-830-3535

The Tuesday and Thursday League appreciation day golf tournament is Sunday, October 22 at 1 p.m. The event includes 18 holes of golf with a cart and a great dinner.

The annual Dick Duncan Memorial Day of Golf Tournament is Tuesday, September 19. There will be an auction and raffle to benefit the Cranberry Hospice.

The Women’s League on August 23 played the Partner Blind Guess format with 51 players in action. The teams of Betsy McGuiggan/Jeanne Gillis, Linda Ellis/Janice Austin, Elaine Hannula/Carole Stone and Donna Francke/Chris Henderson all tied for first with scores of +1.

From the green tees the winners were Kelly Balboni (low putts), Nancy Bonetti (low overall) and Candy Monteiro (low net). The yellow tee winners were Janice Austin (low putts), Kathy McGrath (low overall) and Marie Wright (low net). Birdies went to Carol Cahill, Nancy Bonetti, Betsy Howley, Janice Austin, Ginny Cannon and MJ Sullivan.

There were 72 players in action during Tuesday League action on August 22. Kai Imes won with a +10. Matt Beane shot a +6, Bruce Kannenberg and Paul McTigue both scored +5 while John Hallissey, Randy Gilmore and Reed Bacchiocchi all carded a +4.

Squirrel Run Golf Club
32 Elderberry Drive
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel.: 508-746-5001

In Two-Player League action on August 28, Teresa Doherty and Richard Litchfield topped all the other teams with a winning score of +14. Following behind them were Ray Nelson/Joe O’Malley +12, Richard Villano/Lou Villano +10, Tom Carey/Bryan Peecha +9, Russell Romboldi/Bob Olson +6, Tom Vitt/Phil Glynn +6, George Farrar/Bruce Lillie +6, Ronnie Cadorette/Jeanine Cadorette +6, Jack Meehl/Bill Ibbitson +5, Tom McHugh/Chris Whalen +5, Jim Barr/Jim Hammond +4, Harvey Smith/Dave Consentino +4, Tom Swan/Joe Day +3, Bill O’Brien/Gerry Cullen +3, Perry Thomas/Mike Barbieri +3 and Dick Harris/Neal Ingentino +2. Skins were won by Bob Vecchi, Winsor Gould (two), Ray Nelson, Bill Ibbitson and Jeannine Cadorette.

The Senior League on August 28 had a three-way tie at the top with Anne McLaughlin, Richard Litchfield and Claire Montanaro all scoring a +11. Following them were Bob Alcaro +10, Pat Alcoro +9, Joe O’Malley +9, Richard Villano +8, Jim McCann +8, Phil Glynn +6, Jeannine Cadorette +5, Nancy Lynch +5, Bob Olson +4, Harvey Smith +4, Gene Durgin +4, Bruce Lillie +4, Nancy Macduffee +4, Tom McHugh +4, Nancy Novak +4, Tom Swan +3, Ray Nelson +3, Perry Thomas +3, Bob Vecchi +3, Jack Meehl +3, Teresa Doherty +3, Pat Vecchi +3, Russell Romboldi +2, Jim Barr +2, Lou Villano +2, Frank Costa +2, Bill Ibbitson +2, George Farrar +2, Gerry Cullen +2, Dick Harris +2, Jim Hammond +2, Jean Connaughton +2, Paul Hathaway +2, Gary Schofield +2, Joyce Cheprin +2 and Pat Walsh +2. Closest to the pin winner was Dennis Vecchi and Jeanine Cadorette put home a hole in one.

The Wednesday League on August 23rd was won with a score of +14 posted by Craig Hilman, Ken Russell was second (+9) and Jim Judge took third with a +8. Following them were Ed Finnocia +7, Joe Duffney +6, Jerry Farrar +6, Steve Johnson +5, Tom Nardone +5, Dana Preti +5, Tom McHugh +5, John Demarco +4, Joe McCaffrey +4, Winsor Gould +3, Tom Swan +3, Chris Whalen +3, Joe Barca +3, Ed Bent +3, Bob Ward +3, Lou Akoury +3, Paul Barnes +2, Corey Maguire +2, Joe O’Malley +2, Jim Sheeran +2, Tony Correia +2, Jeff Raymond +1, Mario Marmai +1, James Reardon +1, Rick Patterson +1 and Gary Schofield. Closest to the pin winners were Jim Judge, Craig Hilman and Ray Nelson. Skins winners were Bob Murphy, Winsor Gould and Jim Judge. Jim Sheeran had a hole-in-one on the 13th hole.

The Ladies League on Aug. 24th was won by Nancy Fiander with a +12. Following her were Janet Perkins +9, Deb Fanning +8, Carola Vonkapff +6, Jane Caranci +6, Carol Pedi +5, Jan King +5, Cathie Magner +5, Elaine Dotolo +5, Mary Humberd +4, Sharon Christian +3, Pat Alcaro +3, Anne McLaughlin +3, Lydia Carey +3, Linda Nelson +3, Pat Mulcahy +3, Terry Hamilton +3, Linda Newman +2, Peg Fahey +2, Ann Mickells +2, Corinne Sheppard +2, Nancy Roberts +2, Natalie Crociati +1, Shannon Burrington +1, Eileen Allgor +1, Jen Bradley +1 and Judy Hines +1. Closest to the pin winners were Joan Coughlin, Carol Pedi and Kathy Farrahar. Gross winner was Kathy Farrahar (65) and Nancy Fiander (67) won the net competition.

The Senior Skins on August 25 were won by George Farrar, Steve Johnson, Jim Hammons (hole-in-one) Richard Villano, Steve Hallisey and Bobby Frizzell. The Regular Skims were won by Bill McCarthy, Harvey Smith, Tim Carey (two skins, including a eagle on 9th hole), Sean Scally and Paul Croke.

Tel.: 508-295-2617

Two Best Ball competition on August 23rd had a field of 30 golfers on the course. Winning first place with a 95 was the team of Kathy Macedo, Linda Donaghy, and Joanne Murphy. Taking second with a 96 were Judy Niemi, Sandra Crossman and Helen Pickering and in third place with a 97 was the team of Maryellen Ryder, Lee Guerin and Peggy Gould. Closest to the pin winners were Sandra Crossman and Saundra Skiesgelas.