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Brookline Resident Boosts Brain Power With The Power Of Nutrition

Will Nitze
Will Nitze

When Will Nitze felt himself getting fatigued and battling mental fog while at work, a complete change to his diet made all the difference. That change not only boosted his mental function, it set him on a new career path.

The Brookline resident is launching the IQ Bar, a nutrition bar intended to boost cognitive function and help working folks like Nitze, who need something healthy on the go.

A Harvard University graduate, Nitze went to work for a software company where he discovered that his energy would not last. Having studied psychology and neurology at Harvard, Nitze realized the answer was in his diet.

“I would snack thoughout every afternoon and pretty much all the food I was putting into my body made my cognitive function worse,” Nitze said.

On paper, Nitze said, his diet was not terrible but after cutting out high-carb, low-fat foods such as grains, and pasta, and opting for low-carb, high-fat foods like avocados, butter, spinach and broccoli, Nitze quickly started to see the benefits.

He found his energy lasted throughout the day and he even lost some weight.

Nitze got the idea for the IQ Bar following his healthy eating breakthrough. Though there was plenty of research on healthy eating, Nitze could not find any easy on-the-go food options that targeted cognitive function.

“Turns out there was nothing at all,” said Nitze.

He decided to fill the gap and create a brain-boosting nutrition bar.

“I don’t want someone to cook for 40 minutes to get that nutritional value,” said Nitze.

In creating the IQ Bar, Nitze first focused on the nutrition value.

The result is three bars, each different flavors – Almond Cacao, Blueberry Walnut and Matcha Hazelnut – but all offering the same nutritional value that helps boost brain power.

The IQ Bar is not intended for gyms, rather Nitze hopes to bring it to offices, libraries, schools and other “places where people do work.”

With samples in hand, Nitze is ready to start distributing. He hopes to develop his base in Boston before expanding. Recently Nitze launched a Kickstarter to help get the business in motion. The IQ Bar seems to resonate as in just 12 hours, Nitze surpassed his fundraising goal of $10,000.

What is more, Nitze said, several interested customers and companies have been contacting Nitze looking for partnerships.

“It’s been really great,” Nitze said. “A lot of folks have been reaching out.”

For more information visit the IQ Bar website here.