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Brookline Public Works Responds To Multiple Water Main Breaks


Emergency crews for the Brookline Department of Public Works have made significant progress on repairs to several water main breaks, including a major main break on Boylston Street at the Hammond Street and Holly Street block.

The break was a serious one, with damage to a 12-inch-diameter pipe running beneath a busy thoroughfare. The break took place around 3 a.m. Boylston Street was closed in both directions while the Water and Sewer Division worked to contain and isolate the leak.

Once isolated, the Division worked closely with public safety to minimize traffic disruptions in the area, restoring both lanes westbound and maintaining one lane open eastbound. Water and Sewer Division crews, supported by Eversource and National Grid, moved quickly to locate the problem safely.

Fixing the break was a complex process, with challenging soil conditions and other utility pipelines within the excavation zone. This is a high-traffic area and the lane closure will remain necessary for the safety of repair crews until the work is complete.

Other water breaks occurred on Tappan Street, Holly Lane, Green Hill Road and Holland Road. The breaks appear to have been caused by an abrupt change in pressure in the system that the Town and MWRA are still investigating.

Repairs of these water main breaks will have an effect on water service customers in impacted areas until the work is completed. Once repaired, water mains will be flushed by releasing water from selected hydrants in each area.

Whenever a break occurs in a water line, it is possible some customers will see discoloration or sediment in their drinking water. The flushing may cause discolored water and a reduction in pressure. These conditions will be temporary and any discoloration will not be harmful. The Brookline Water and Sewer Division is actively monitoring water quality, and at this time has found no reason for concern about water quality in its service area.

If conditions persist, please contact the Water and Sewer Division at 617-730-2175.