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Brookline Partners With Qwally To Support Outreach Efforts To Businesses, Owned By Individuals From Historically Marginalized Groups


Town Administrator Mel Kleckner and Chief Procurement Officer David Geanakakis are pleased to announce that the Town of Brookline is partnering with Qwally to support outreach efforts to small businesses, owned by individuals from historically marginalized groups.

The partnership aims to increase awareness of town contract bids among small local businesses, including those owned by women, people of color, veterans and LGBTQ+ individuals. It also aims to support establishment of businesses and provide owners with guidance to grow their business.

An online portal will be launched in the coming weeks. This easy-to-use portal will assist owners in the process of establishing their businesses, looking into Supplier Diversity Resource certifications, preparing to obtain government contracts in Brookline and more. Portals also will feature information on legal structure guidance, as well as state, local and federal resources that offer entrepreneurial support.

“Our partnership with Qwally will assist Brookline’s outreach efforts to business owners from historically marginalized groups, with the goal of making town procurement of goods and services more diverse and equitable,” Chief Procurement Officer Geanakakis said. “The portal will serve as a one-stop location to view information that is usually complex and difficult to find, including town contract bids, making it readily available and easy to understand.”

Business owners will have the opportunity to complete an intake form through the portal. Once completed, owners will receive tailored information to help grow their business, including a checklist with relevant steps to take so that businesses remain compliant with local requirements.

“We are looking forward to bringing together diverse enterprises seeking to do business with the town and supporting their growth with the help of Qwally’s unique and modern software,” said Town Administrator Kleckner.


About Qwally

Qwally is a user-friendly, cloud-based software platform that provides self-serve tools to help small businesses connect with municipal programs and navigate complex processes, with the goal of building more equitable, inclusive and resilient communities.