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Brookline Partners With Modern Pest Services To Reduce Presence Of Rodents Through Digital Technology


Health Commissioner Sigalle Reiss and Department of Public Works Commissioner Erin Chute Gallentine are pleased to announce that the Town of Brookline has partnered with Modern Pest Services to reduce the presence of rodents in town through digital technology.

Modern Pest utilizes Anticimex SMART technology, an intelligent, non-toxic, always-on solution in pest control for businesses, homes and communities.

Brookline, in conjunction with Modern Pest, have identified high-rodent activity areas in town to install above-ground SMART boxes. These boxes will help monitor and control rodent activity while providing real-time data on rodent populations in the community. This data will help the town better deploy resources, including solid waste enforcement, restaurant inspections and additional pest control treatments.

“We are very excited to partner with Modern Pest to minimize the presence of rodents in Brookline through these innovative and unique means,” Town Administrator Chas Carey said. “We thank Commissioners Reiss and Gallentine for working hard to make this initiative possible, and everyone at Modern Pest for their assistance in this process.”

A total of 45 SMART boxes are expected to be installed within the coming weeks. The town also plans to install five pipe systems in high-rodent activity areas.

“Anticimex SMART is regarded as the premier solution to digital pest control in the world,” Modern Pest President David Lock said. “While still relatively new to the US, this technology is proven throughout the world with over 350,000 units deployed worldwide. As a partner of Anticimex, Modern’s access to this technology has provided us with the technology to support our mission to revolutionize pest control. We believe Anticimex SMART and our SMART City concept is the future of pest control in the United States.”


About Modern Pest Services

Modern Pest Services, an Anticimex company, has been protecting New England’s health and property since 1945. Based in Brunswick, Maine and with over 350 team members, Modern Pest provides quality pest control solutions to over 36,000 homes and businesses in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont.

About Anticimex

The Swedish firm Anticimex is the fourth largest pest control company globally. Founded in 1934, Anticimex operates in 18 countries and has over 7,000 employees worldwide.