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Brookline, Newton, Belmont, Arlington Announce Rodent Management Education Campaign


The Metro Public Health Collaborative (MPHC), representing the communities of Brookline, Newton, Belmont, and Arlington, today announces the beginning of a multimedia campaign to educate residents about rodents, promote ethical and responsible rodent management practices, and involve community members in this process.

The education campaign will cover:

  • reactive measures;
  • facts and myths about rodents;
  • humane solutions and resources;
  • signs you may have a rodent problem;
  • proactive steps to safely, effectively, and legally minimize activity.

To kick off this initiative, the MPHC is hosting pest management training for local food establishments on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, and Wednesday, June 12, 2024. The trainings will be facilitated by pest experts from Berger Food Safety Consulting and will offer safe, effective, and proactive pest control strategies to help mitigate rodent activity across the four communities.

“Collaboration is at the heart and center of regional public health efforts such as this. By working together, we can implement a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of rodent infestations and minimizes their impact on our communities,” said Cam Hoffpauir, MPHC Shared Services Manager

“By informing residents about sanitary practices and proper waste management, we empower our community to prevent rodent infestations,” said Shin-Yi Lao, Newton Director of Public Health Services.

“Public awareness is one tool we use in our multi-pronged approach to reduce the impacts of rodents in our communities. The more we all know the more we can work together to reduce the rodent population,” said Sigalle Reiss, Brookline Health and Human Services Commissioner

“We have found that pest control is a community-wide issue, which requires a collaborative response extending beyond city and town boundaries,” said Natasha Waden, Arlington Health Director. “We are hoping to raise awareness and educate residents about specific steps they can take to help decrease rodent activity in our communities.”

“This initiative is a testament to what can be achieved when businesses, residents, and local government come together for a common cause,” said Wesley Chin, Belmont Health Director. “By working collaboratively, we can effectively address the rat problem and create a healthier, safer environment for everyone in our community.”

For more information about the Metro Public Health Collaborative, please visit here