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Brookline Health Department Reflects On Success Of Food Coupon Program At American Public Health Association Conference


Health Commissioner Sigalle Reiss is pleased to announce that Brookline Department of Public Health and Human Services officials were able to share the success of their Food Coupon program at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) conference this week.

Brookline Health officials attended the conference in Boston from November 07-09, 2022. While there, officials gave a presentation to other attendees about the benefits of their Food Coupon program. As part of the program, the Department gives coupons to income-eligible individuals and families to be used at the Brookline Farmer’s Market to purchase fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and other food products. Individuals and families of two receive $50 in coupons, while households of three or more will receive $100 in coupons.

Nearly $42,000 in coupons were dispersed to 604 participating Brookline families this season – a jump from $31,000 in 2021.

During the presentation, officials shared how the program increases access to fresh food for lower-income families while simultaneously supporting local farmers and fostering a sense of community belonging.

The presentation was supplemented by a colorful and informative poster created through a partnership between the Health Department’s Community Health Division, Patricia Maher from the Brookline Friends of Public Health and Rosemarie Roque Gordon of the Advisory Council on Public Health.

“Thank you to the American Public Health Association for giving us a platform to share the success of our Food Coupon program,” Commissioner Reiss said. “We are very proud of this program and the benefits that it has had throughout our community, and hope that others will be inspired to start similar initiatives. We also thank everyone who has supported this program including the Brookline Friends of Public Health, the Advisory Council on Public Health and everyone at the Health Department.”

The American Public Health Association works to advance the health of all people and all communities. As the nation’s leading public health organization, APHA strengthens the impact of public health professionals and provides a science-based voice in policy debates too often driven by emotion, ideology or financial interests. APHA is at the forefront of efforts to advance prevention, reduce health disparities and promote wellness.

The Food Coupon program is supported by the American Rescue Plan Act. The program was established in 2021 through a grant from the Kresge Foundation.

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