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Brookline Green Electricity Sets Rates Through June, Offering Increasingly Renewable Energy Options


Town Administrator Chas Carey is pleased to share that Brookline Green Electricity’s rates have been set through the end of 2024.

To enroll in one of Brookline Green Energy’s programs, please visit here.

Brookline Green Electricity is now offering electricity to Brookline residents at a rate of 16.361 cents per kilowatt hour, which guarantees users savings on electricity through June 2023 compared to Eversource. Eversource’s rate through June has been set at 25.776 cents per kilowatt hour.

For an average Brookline residential customer using 510 kWh per month, participating in Brookline Green will save over $48 per month compared to Eversource Basic Service. Future savings cannot be guaranteed because Eversource Residential Basic Service rates are not known beyond June 2023.


The Town’s electricity supply program for residents and small businesses, Brookline Green Electricity (BGE), began a new supply contract in December 2022, which will provide fixed prices for the next two years. The Town is proud to announce that under the new contract, the most popular offering in the Program, Brookline Green, will provide 90 percent renewable energy in 2023 and 100 percent renewable energy in 2024.

“BGE offers our community an alternative source for energy that’s increasingly renewable and available at significant savings over Eversource for the next five months,” Carey said. “I encourage all residents to consider making the switch, which contributes to our collective efforts to support our climate through more sustainable energy.”

Since it launched in 2017, BGE users have enjoyed more than $6.3 million in cumulative savings on their electric bills.

BGE is a program offered by the Town of Brookline to provide new electricity supply options and more renewable energy to Brookline residents and businesses. The Program is an important part of Brookline’s Climate Action Plan. Through BGE, Brookline annually purchases more than 42.2 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of voluntary renewable energy from New England.

BGE’s other products — Brookline All Green, offering 100 percent renewable energy today, and Brookline Basic — offer rates of 18.681 cents per kilowatt hour and 14.781 cents per kilowatt hour, respectively.

For questions about BGE, please contact the town’s support line at 1-800-931-6221.

Image caption: The graph above shows the comparison in rates between Brookline Green Energy and Eversource over several years.