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Brookline Green Electricity Renewed For Two Years, Default Offering Will Reach 100% Renewable


The Town’s electricity supply program, Brookline Green Electricity (BGE), will begin a new supply contract in December 2022, which will provide fixed prices for the next two (2) years.

The Town is proud to announce that under the new contract, the most popular offering in the Program, Brookline Green, will provide 90% renewable energy in 2023 and 100% in 2024. Brookline Green will also cost less than Eversource Basic Service winter rates in December, although future savings cannot be guaranteed.

“Since 2017, this Town-sponsored program has provided electricity supply to the majority of Brookline’s residents and small businesses, while also providing an effective tool to combat climate change,” said Select Board Chair Heather Hamilton. “We are thrilled that the Program will continue providing value, particularly in this time of energy volatility.”

Brookline Green Electricity has had a substantial impact supporting the growth of renewable energy in New England, and that impact will increase even further in this new contract. By the end of this upcoming contract, BGE Program expects to purchase over 60,000 MWh of voluntary MA Class I renewable energy each year, equivalent to the annual production of 13 land-based wind turbines. MA Class I is the State’s term for new renewable energy, and all of Brookline’s voluntary MA Class I comes from within New England.

Additionally, since the Program launch, Brookline Green Electricity has yielded more than $6.3 million in cumulative savings to participants (future savings cannot be guaranteed).

No action is necessary for most BGE participants to receive the new contract pricing. The “Brookline Green 65” option will no longer be offered, so those customers must affirmatively choose a new Program option. All other BGE participants will be transitioned automatically to the new price for the Program option in which they are now enrolled (see new pricing at the table below).

You can confirm whether you are enrolled in BGE by looking at the Supply Services Section of a recent Eversource electric bill. If it says “Direct Energy Town of Brookline”, then that account is enrolled. If it says something else such as Basic Service Fixed or names a different supplier then that account is not enrolled. Starting with the electricity bill participants receive for December 2022, the Supplier name will change to the reflect Program’s new supplier “Brookline Green Electricity c/o NES.”

BGE Participants may change to another option in the Program at any time or opt out of the Program without penalty. To select a different BGE option or to opt out of the Program, use the online form at BrooklineGreen.com or call the new supplier, NextEra, at 877-960-5514.

For questions about Brookline Green Electricity, please contact the Town’s support line at 800-931-6221.