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Brookline Golf Course Hosts The 2023 Sunset Concert


The Brookline Recreation Department and the Brookline Golf Course are pleased to share the success of the Sunset Concert.

The Sunset Concert was held on Wednesday, August 02, 2023 at the Brookline Golf Course as part of the Recreation Department’s Summer Concert Series. The event brought together attendees from Brookline and beyond for an evening filled with music and fun.

Musical performances were provided by Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys, Petty Larceny — a Tom Petty cover band — and the Zac Brown Tribute Band, who headlined the show. The event also featured food trucks, a Kidz Zone play area, a beer garden, and other fun activities for attendees of all ages.


Additionally, the Sunset Concert was Brookline Recreation’s first time intentionally planning an environmentally friendly event at the Brookline Golf Course, encouraging multiple modes of transportation, including biking and ride-share.

“This was a great event that brought together our community for a fun-filled night,” said Recreation Director Leigh Jackson. “It was an awesome launch to what we plan to become our signature event for south Brookline.”

More information on the Recreation Department’s Summer Concert Series can be found here.