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Brookline DPW Advises Residents To Conserve As A Best Practice For Maintaining Future Healthy Reservoir Levels


Commissioner Erin Gallentine and the Brookline Department of Public Works wish to assure residents that although there are drought conditions in the region, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has reported there is ample water supply for its members.

While there are no outdoor watering restrictions in effect, and Brookline’s water supply is more than sufficient to meet demand, residents are encouraged to take steps to conserve water and continue practicing responsible water usage habits.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has reported that due to the long term effort of communities like Brookline to reduce demand and use water efficiently, demand is well below the MWRA system’s safe yield. That, plus the large volume of storage in the two reservoirs means that they are in great condition.

At the beginning of July the MWRA indicated that the Quabbin Reservoir, the largest water supply source for 47 communities in the Metro Boston area, is currently at 96.4% of its 412 billion-gallon maximum capacity. The 65 billion-gallon Wachusett Reservoir is 88.9% full. They sent updated communications this week confirming this information.

While there are no mandatory restrictions on water use, MWRA provides recommendations on their website encouraging consumers to use water wisely. Their website here, has more detail about not only the reservoir levels, but also home and garden conservation tips. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also has a water conservation toolkit on their website here.

One of the most basic ways to conserve water is to refrain from watering outdoor plants and grass between the hours of 07:00 a.m. and 07:00 p.m.

While there is no mandatory restriction on water use for the Town of Brookline, the Town and the MWRA like to remind constituents that water is a precious resource and best practices for conservation are a benefit to all. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Department of Public Works, Water and Sewer Division via e-mail: water@brooklinema.gov or call 617-730-2170.