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Brookline Department Of Public Works To Relaunch Composting Incentive Program


Commissioner Erin Chute is pleased to announce that the Brookline Department of Public Works is relaunching its curbside composting incentive program, in partnership with Black Earth Compost.

The curbside composting incentive program is designed to encourage residential composting in Brookline. The incentive program is being funded through a Commonwealth of Massachusetts earmark.

While supplies last, new Brookline residential subscribers of Black Earth Compost will receive a free compost starter kit, courtesy of the Department of Public Works. The kits include a Black Earth Compost curbside bin, compostable bin liner bags, and an optional countertop container.

“We are eager to continue this initiative and our partnership with Black Earth Compost, as composting is a simple way to decrease residential solid waste,” said Kevin Johnson, Deputy Commissioner of Operations and the Director of Highway and Sanitation. “We hope that residents partake in this program so that they can begin composting at a reduced cost.”

Black Earth Compost is based in Gloucester. The organization is focused on turning food scraps from residential and commercial subscribers into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Brookline has partnered with Black Earth Compost since 2020 to encourage residents to subscribe to curbside organics collection at a fixed reduced price. Black Earth Compost accepts a variety of materials, including meat, bones, dairy, pizza boxes, and napkins. A full list of compostable materials can be found here.

Almost 2,000 Brookline households currently participate in Black Earth Compost’s subscription service.

“SWAC salutes the DPW and Black Earth Compost for offering the free starter kit incentive,” said Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) Chair John Dempsey. “It is a great perk to get more residents to join their neighbors in curbside composting. Once they start, they will wonder why they did not sign up earlier! Curbside composting is one easy and inexpensive action that any household can take to help the environment.”

To subscribe to Black Earth Compost, residents should visit here.

More information about Brookline’s composting initiatives can be found here.