Yappy Hours: A Tail-Wagging Good Time In Brookline


Cause to Paws BrooklineSocialization of pets is very important – especially puppies and newly adopted dogs. They need to meet people – all kinds – and other dogs, young and old. The ultimate goal is for them to avoid displaying fear or aggression. There are a number of different ways you can accomplish this – one is to find a situation where they can meet lots of people and other dogs and socialize in a non-threatening situation.

One option is something like the Yappy Hours we hold at Cause to Paws here in Brookline. We push aside the displays and make room for the dogs (and people!) to interact and socialize. These supervised sessions with other dogs are a good idea – you need to make sure to do this only after your puppy has received its full set of vaccinations. We also have a couch area where you can sit with your puppy in a more private way so that they can observe the happenings. This area also allows you and others to pet or play with the dogs, or allow them to “retreat” to an area where they can rest in case they get tired from playing with the other dogs. Exercise is great for dogs – especially puppies that need to burn off their excess energy, or older dogs that need a little activity but don’t like to deal with the parks or the weather.

And it is a fun event for everyone. We test out new treats and toys and make connections with other dog owners. A great way to meet your neighbors, supporting a local Brookline store and event makes the community just that much stronger. You might meet another pet owner with a similar dog – and you can take the chance to set up future play dates for them. And the dogs cannot get enough of Terry’s Pupcakes – a peanut butter/carrot taste sensation. Don’t worry; we have treats for you people as well!

It’s recently become a popular event to celebrate dogs’ birthdays as well. Last Yappy Hour we celebrated two dogs’ birthdays. Teddy and Rafi’s owners baked cakes and cookies for people as well as the dogs! It was too much fun to watch them – it was almost as if they knew the paw-ty was just for them.

At previous Yappy Hours we have held fundraisers for pet-related associations, had trainers’ talk, and invited pet caricaturists to do portraits with a portion of the cost donated to a rescue organization. You never know what might be happening at Yappy Hours!

Yappy Hour(s) are held on the fourth Thursday of every month starting from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Why not stop by and check it out? Cause to Paws is located at 1386A Beacon Street in Brookline. Want to see pictures from past Yappy Hours? Go here.

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