Brookline Visitors Center


Established in 1705, the picturesque town of Brookline, MA, is a suburb of Boston full of history and culture. It is made up of traditional New England shops and dwellings interspersed with parks and running and walking trails. Easily reached by the MBTA Green Line, the neighborhoods of Coolidge Corner, Washington Square and Cleveland Circle are found along Brookline’s main thoroughfare — Beacon Street. Other notable sections of Brookline include Brookline Village, Brookline Hills, Chestnut, Fisher and Pill Hills, and North and South Brookline.

Brookline’s residential neighborhoods have a distinct New England feel, ranging from quintessential brownstone architecture to Queen Anne, Colonial, Medieval and even stucco designs. Perhaps Brookline’s most distinct structure is the famous art deco Coolidge Corner Theatre, a not-for-profit community theatre.

There are numerous historic landmarks in Brookline, MA, too, including one of its most famous: President John F. Kennedy’s birthplace in Coolidge Corner (mapped below). Today, this site belongs to the National Register of Historic Places. Other must see Brookline sites include St. Mary’s of the Assumption Church established in 1852, the Brookline Public Library established in 1910 and the Larz Anderson Park overlooking the city of Boston. Larz Anderson Park is also home to Larz Anderson Auto Museum.

Brookline, MA,’s public school system consists of eight K-8 schools and Brookline High School. There are also several private schools and a handful of colleges and college satellites. There are many activities for people of all ages, including the Brookline Farmers Market during the summer and fall, the Larz Anderson Park skating rink, shopping and restaurants, and much more.

In this unique hub of culture just outside of Boston, MA, you can find the amenities and excitement of the city with the distinct feel of a classic New England town, making Brookline the perfect place to visit… and live.

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