Mr. Sushi


Mr. SushiMr. Sushi
329 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Tel.:  617-731-1122

For a sushi restaurant to be successful a few things have to come into play: an authentic atmosphere, an attentive server, and an array of dishes on the menu that pair the freshest ingredients with the most subtle but delicious of seasonings that this popular style of cuisine requires. Mr. Sushi, located at 329 Harvard Street, nails all three of these requirements.

The high bar that this restaurant sets for all sushi places starts off as soon as you walk in. The décor of the restaurant seems to be intrinsically Japanese; the wood accents around the serving station alludes to being outside of a structure such as a Buddhist temple in Japan. Even the smallest accents seem to have considerable thought put into them, such as the area for the salt and pepper shakers being a small wooden boat that is hung on the wall right next to the table. While you dine, a soothing mix of very Zen-like transformative music plays in the background. You almost believe you should be at a spa instead of a restaurant.

The attentive nature of the staff here is something noteworthy. As soon as I walked in I was seated, and within a few minutes received a menu. I almost started to feel guilty because it was taking me too long to decide, while the server was ready at any moment for my order to be placed.

A reason for my indecisiveness was because of the extensive maki and sushi choices on Mr. Sushi’s menu. The interesting thing about the sushi, sashimi, and maki dishes at this locale was the fact that all of the traditional dishes have a spin on it to make it slightly different. In addition to the traditional California maki, Mr. Sushi had a Sunset California maki with tobiko, or fish eggs, on the outside. The chefs at Mr. Sushi are able to straddle the unique balance of sweet and savory tastes that brings out the best in the fish featured in each maki. The best example of this on their menu is the Dragon maki, a California maki with baked eel on the outside. California maki is traditionally a light, sweet taste and the baked eel on the outside had a savory flavoring to it that almost tasted like a teriyaki. This dish struck the perfect balance of flavoring and thus stuck out as one of the front-runners in my mind.

With such a basic name as Mr. Sushi, I was not expecting too much from this hidden Coolidge Corner gem, but it truly satisfied my palate. From the wood accents to the paper lanterns you will almost feel as if you have made a detour to Japan for a few hours.

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