Private Schools


Beaver Country Day School

Beaver Country Day School
791 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

The curriculum at Beaver Country Day School follows the progressive education model of John Dewey, providing education for grades 6-12. Situated on a 17-acre campus with easy access to the T’s green line, the students at Beaver Country Day School come from 70 different communities in the greater Boston area. The school prides itself on its diversity. 25% of the students are of color and 20% of the faculty are of color. 25% of the students at Beaver Country Day receive financial aid. The college preparatory school takes a unique and innovative approach to learning aimed at teaching its students how to be adaptive, multi-dimensional thinkers who are involved in their community.

Brimmer & May

Brimmer and May
69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

At Brimmer and May students are able to complete their entire pre-collegiate education, serving students in grades pre-Kindergarten through 12. Every day, over 400 students attend the private school to learn, explore within a diverse environment that extends outside of the classroom and into the world students are confronted with on a daily basis. The Brimmer and May School takes an interdisciplinary approach to the learning process so that students don’t only learn about a topic from the vantage point of one area of study but from multiple areas of study.

The Chestnut Hill School

The Chestnut Hill School
428 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

A focus on family involvement helps to create an environment that strives to highlight academic excellence, community diversity, and an inclusive atmosphere at the Chestnut Hill School. Students are encouraged to be highly involved in their education, and the private school encourages its students to in turn contribute to the education of their fellow learners. The community comes together across the various grade levels as students in the upper and lower schools are partnered together for different activities and projects. Sixth grade students at the Chestnut Hill School each have an advisor who serves as a mentor to them during a year of transition.


Dexter/Southfield Schools

Dexter/Southfield School
20 Newton Street
Brookline, MA 02445

Located on the same campus in Chestnut Hill, the Dexter and Southfield Schools are the boys and girls schools that offer private education in grades Kindergarten through 12. The Dexter School’s motto is “Our best today, better tomorrow” which aims at fostering excellence in academics and athletics, as well as personal morality and self-discipline. The Southfield school offers an all-female education where girls can be themselves and focus on their school work. Both of the schools offer a ‘classic curriculum’ with classes in the lower school aimed at developing a child’s skills for learning.  The schools have a bus system that goes to 20 different communities in the greater Boston area. The buses are driven by faculty and staff of the schools and the cost is included in tuition.

The Park School

The Park School
171 Goddard Avenue
Brookline, MA

Since 1888, the Park School has been serving students and their families in educating children in Pre-K though ninth grades. The private school is located on 26 acres in Brookline and has a student body of over 545 students. Prided on its small class sizes, the Park School strives for each of its students to achieve academic success. The diversity in this private school’s student body is appreciated by both faculty and students alike with an appreciation for difference at the center of the school’s teachings.