Magic Potions In A Cocktail Glass


Donny CohenInfusions, essential oils, herbs, spices, organic vegetables. Potions for casting spells? Maybe. In the able hands of Noon Inthasuwan, these ingredients and many more, become amazing cocktails that evoke images both exotic and familiar. Noon currently presides over the bar at Umami in Washington Square, where I spent a lovely evening earlier this week.
Her resume as a mixologist is long and stellar.

She prepares her ingredients from organic fruits and vegetables, making bitters and infusions for her seasonally changing menu of signature cocktails. Here at Umami, Noon puts her own twist on some great old standbys. I had her Tamarind Margarita that was presented with a smoked cayenne and tamarind rim. Nice touch. Then I moved on to the Angelo: Campari, Campano Antico (I do not know what that is), grapefruit juice, and prosecco. Between two of us, we sampled, no drank, four different cocktails. Each one was unique and noteworthy. And Noon is a perfect host, presiding over her domain with grace and skill.

Brookline Restaurant - Umami There is something elegant and refined, yet earthy and familiar about sipping cocktails at this attractive bar. And I really appreciated the lower alcohol in these mixed drinks that do not rely on their high proof to make you feel like you are having a good time. It really is OK to have more than one.

By the way, the food was killer too, but I am saving that for my restaurant review.