Notable Residents


Brookline is a great place to live with unique neighborhoods, a lively commercial environment, and a strong identity in the greater Boston area. But what is it exactly that makes Brookline such a distinct town? Why do so many people want to move here? Sure our school system is terrific, we have first rate police and fire departments, fantastic restaurants and more parks and recreational opportunities than you could count. But like so many other Massachusetts towns and cities, it’s the people who live and work in Brookline that make Brookline a special place for everyone.

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters, born in Brookline

So many famous people live in or have lived in Brookline that it would be impossible to list them all. Both John F. Kennedy and Barbara Walters were born in Brookline. Conan O’Brien grew up in Brookline and attended Brookline High School. So did Mike Wallace, Theo Epstein, Robert Kraft, Lydia Shire, David Susskind and so many more. Brookline is also known for its famous residents including Red Sox owner John Henry and manager Terry Francona. James Taylor owns a home in Brookline, too.

But it is not just our famous residents that enrich our community. No less important are the everyday folks – you know, like us. – that make this town such a wonderful place to live. These individuals have contributed to Brookline’s communal culture – helping to further bring the town to life. They are short term and long term residents of Brookline and trusted friends, parents, and children. Brookline’s people celebrates those whose service, work, and passion deserves to be highlighted. You can read about our outstanding community members by clicking on their names. If you know someone who you believe should be profiled on, please let us know.