Hadassah Salon Series Comes to Brookline


Brookline Hadassah Salon SeriesThe Boston Chapter of Hadassah, celebrating its 100th year, has started something new and fresh– the Salon Series.  The idea behind the Series is that each month an inspirational Jewish woman from the Boston area is invited into a Hadassah member’s home to discuss her specialty.  The February salon featured Meredith Goldstein, Boston Globe entertainment writer and online relationship blogger.  It was held in the home of a Brookline resident.  This month’s weather made having this salon difficult- the original date was scheduled during the Blizzard.  The event was then postponed until February 24, when it was again snowing!  Despite the weather, the salon took place and was well-attended.

Meredith was definitely inspirational and exciting to hear!  The women that came out to hear Ms. Brookline Hadassah Salon SeriesGoldstein represented all generations and walks of life.  While sipping on hot tea and munching on hamentashen, the ladies listened as Ms. Goldstein shared her story.  She spoke of her career path that led to being a journalist at the Boston Globe and eventually the online relationship guru of ‘Love Letters.’  As the entertainment writer for the Boston Globe, she shared a few insider secrets about local celebrities, including the Wahlberg family and of course, Tom and Gisele.  Most time was spent answering questions about Love Letters: the types and quantities of letters she receives, how she responds, and memorable moments from the column.  Love Letters is published 5 days a week!  Keeping it fresh, interesting, and helpful is a top priority.  Anonymity can really be a challenge in Boston where everyone seems to know each other somehow.  She encourages letter-writers to eliminate ages of children, or other ‘clues’ to help keep them anonymous!

Brookline Hadassah Salon SeriesBeing an advice columnist seems to be a common job for Jewish women.  The group briefly considered the other well-known Jewish advice columnists from Miss Manners to Dear Abby.  Meredith hopes that someone (but not herself) will do a thesis on this trend!   At a meeting of the advice-givers, she met Dr. Ruth, the pint-sized sex guru. Within seconds of meeting her, Meredith was blushing by Dr. Ruth’s forward, to-the-point questions.

Ms. Goldstein has also recently authored her first novel- a work of fiction- called ‘Singles.’  Interestingly, as a journalist, she found it difficult to give her characters in the book dialogue.  She didn’t want to make up what they said!  She eventually was able to move past that and finish the book loosely based on people she has met over the years.  Despite enjoying writing the novel, she envisions her future much the same as the present: being a journalist and continuing to help others.

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